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  • High-efficiency acceleration of an electron beam in a plasma wakefield accelerator, M. Litos, E. Adli, W. An, C. I. Clarke, C. E. Clayton, S. Corde, J. P. Delahaye, R. J. England, A. S. Fisher, J. Frederico, S. Gessner, S. Z. Green, M. J. Hogan, C. Joshi, W. Lu, K. A. Marsh, W. B. Mori, P. Muggli,N. Vafaei-Najafabadi, D. Walz, G. White, Z. Wu, V. Yakimenko, G. Yocky , NATURE, 515, 92 (2014).
  • Proceedings of the 1st European Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop NIMA,Volume 740, Pages 1-284 (11 March 2014), Edited by Ralph Assmann, Massimo Ferrario, Jens Osterhoff and Arnd E. Specka
  • Proceedings of the workshop "Physics and Applications of High Brightness Beams:Towards a Fifth Generation Light Source", Physics Procedia,Volume 52, Pages 1-110 (2014),Edited by Massimo Ferrario, James B. Rosenzweig and Luca Serafini
  • Analysis of x-ray emission and electron dynamics in a capillary-guided laser wakefield accelerator, J. Ju, G. Genoud, H. E. Ferrari, O. Dadoun, B. Paradkar, K. Svensson, F.Wojda, M. Burza,A. Persson, O. Lundh, N. E. Andreev, C.-G. Wahlström, and B. Cros, Phys Rev ST Accel Beams, 17, 051302 (2014).


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