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Add your laboratory/group

To have your laboratory/group listed on the ICFA/ANA website, please copy the HTML snippet below. Replace the text in BOLD by that corresponding to your laboratory/group.

The text should not exceed 600 characters (with spaces). Longer texts will not be included.

Email the sinppet to muggli @ (remove spaces)

Please also attach a logo/picture in .png format with a small size (about 60x60 pixels).

See examples here.


<p> </p> <p><br /><b><span class="Apple-style-span"></span></b></p> <h2><b><span class="Apple-style-span"><a class="external-link" href="

URL of your laboratory/group webpage (for example:


 Name of your laboratory/group (for example: Centre Interdisciplinaire de la Lumière Extrême)

Name of the contact person (for example: François Amiranoff )

</p> <p class="discreet">
email address of the contact person (for example: françois.amiranoff @ (add space between person's name and @ and between @ and address))

</p> <table class="invisible"> <tbody> <tr> <td><img class="image-inline" src="../images/logo_cilex.png/image_thumb" alt="logo cilex" height="76" width="123" /><br> </td> <td>
Text briefly describing your laboratory/group and its activities, see example below! REMEMBER: NO MORE THAN 600 CHARACTERS, INCLUDING SPACES!
You can include links in your text!
i) the APOLLON laser which will deliver pulses at a still unreached instantaneous power of 10PW
ii) the associated infrastructures and experimental set-up and
iii) two 100TW class lasers, so-called “Satellite Facilities” (UHI100, LASERIX) allowing for an efficient preparation of experiments on APOLLON and the training of the scientists and engineers.
</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p align="left"> </p>
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