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2D positive streamer modelling in NTP air under extreme pulse fronts. What about runaway electrons?
E. Marode, Ph. Dessante, P. Tardiveau
Plasma Sources Science And Technology, Vol:25, pp:064004 (2016)
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A method to limit uncertainties in aerosol properties determined from comparative measurements
M. Alonso, J. Borra
Journal Of Aerosol Science, Vol:91 , pp:15-21 (2016)
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Ion current density profiles in negative corona gaps versus EHD confinements
A. Bouarouri, N. Jidenko, F. Gensdarmes, D. Maro, D. Boulaud, J. Borra
Journal Of Electrostatics, Vol:82, pp:88-95 (2016)
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Post-Plasma SiOx Coatings of Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Enhanced Thermal Stability and Tunable Photoactivity Applications
P. Post, N. Jidenko, A. Weber, J. Borra
Nanomaterials, Vol:6(5), pp:/ (2016)
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Sub-nanosecond time resolved light emission study for diffuse discharges in air under steep high voltage pulses
P. Tardiveau, L. Magne, E. Marode, K. Ouaras, P. Jeanney, B. Bournonville
Plasma Sources Science And Technology, Vol:25, pp:054005 (2016)
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Determination of the Mean Mobility of Aerosol Nanoparticles Classified by Differential Mobility Analyzers
M. Alonso, V. Gomez, J. Borra
Aerosol Science And Technology, Vol:48:12, pp:1217 (2014)
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Some of the Role of Excited Species in the Chemical Yield of the Streamer-Filament Discharge in Air at Atmospheric Pressure
E. Marode, C. Deniset
Ieee Transactions On Plasma Science, Vol:39, pp:2272-2273 (2011)
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Nano-droplet ejection and nucleation of materials submitted to non-thermal plasma filaments
J. Borra, N. Jidenko, O. Dutouquet, C. Aguerre, J. Hou, A. Webe
Eur. Phys. J. Appl. Phys., Vol:56, pp:24019 p1-p7 (2011)
DOI: 10.1051/epjap/2011110201
Production of Metal Nanoparticles in Asymmetrical Dielectric Barrier Discharge-Plasma Reactor at Atmospheric Pressure
J. Hou, N. Jidenko, J. Borra, W. A P
Chemie Ingenieur Technik, Vol:83, pp:2161-2169 (2011)
DOI: 10.1002/cite.201100057


Electrical properties of airborne nanoparticles produced by a commercial spark-discharge generator
S. Bau, O. Witschger, F. Gensdarmes, D. Thomas, J. Borra
Journal Of Nanoparticle Research, Vol:12, pp:1989-1995 (2010)
DOI: 10.1007/s11051-010-9856-y
Occurrence of new upward positive leaders triggered by negative downward CG lightning
G. Berger
Ieee, pp:112 - 115  (2010)
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Polymer surface processing by atmospheric pressure DBD for post-discharge grafting of washing-resistant functional coatings
JP. Borra, A. Valt, F. Arefi-Khonsari, M. Tatoulian
Materials Science Forum, Vol:638-642, pp:524-529 (2010)
DOI: 10.4028/
Temperature profiles in filamentary dielectric barrier discharges at atmospheric pressure
. Jidenko N, . Bourgeois E, . Borra J-P
Http://, Vol:43, pp:/ (2010)
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A Modified Version of the Rolling Sphere Method
S. Ait-Amar, G. Berger
Ieee Transactions On Dielectrics And Electrical Insulation, Vol:16, pp:718-725 (2009)
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A numerical study of the influence of ion-aerosol mixing on unipolar charging in a laminar flow tube
M. Alonso, F. Alguacil, J. Borra
Journal Of Aerosol Science, Vol:40, pp:693-706 (2009)
Atmospheric pressure plasmas for aerosols processes in materials and environment
J. Borra, N. Jidenko, E. Bourgeois
The European Physical Journal Applied Physics, Vol:47, pp:22804(7pages)1-7 (2009)
DOI: 10.1051/epjap/2009088
DBD as a post-discharge bipolar ions source and selective ion-induced nucleation versus ions polarity
E. Bourgeois, N. Jidenko, M. Alonso, J. Borra
Journal Of Physics D: Applied Physics, Vol:42, pp:205202 (9pp) (2009)
Physics and applications of atmospheric non-thermal air plasma with reference to environment
E. Marode, D. Djermoune, P. Dessante, C. Deniset, P. Segur, F. Bastien, A. Bourdon, C. Laux
Plasma Physics And Controlled Fusion, Vol:51, pp:/ (2009)
The noteworthy involvement of Jacques de Romas in the experiments on the electric nature of lightning
G. Berger, S. Amar
Journal Of Electrostatics, Vol:67, pp:531-535 (2009)


Charging of aerosol and nucleation in atmospheric pressure electrical discharges
J. Borra
Plasma Physics And Controlled Fusion, Vol:50, AN:124036 (2008)
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Photoionization and Optical Emission Effects of Positive Streamers in Air at Ground Pressure
N. N Liu, S. Celestin, A. Bourdon, E. Marode
Ieee Transactions On Plasma Science , Vol:36, pp:942-943 (2008)
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A new one-dimensional moving mesh method applied to the simulation of streamer discharges
D. Bessieres, J. Paillol, A. Bourdon, P. Segur, E. Marode
Journal Of Physics D-applied Physics, Vol:40, pp:6559-6570 (2007)
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Application of photoionization models based on radiative transfer and the Helmholtz equations to studies of streamers in weak electric fields
N. Liu, S. Celestin, A. Bourdon, V. Pasko, P. Segur, E. Marode
Applied Physics Letters, Vol:91, AN:211501 (2007)
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Deposition of organic coatings at atmospheric pressure from liquid precursors
M. Tatoulian, F. Arefi-Khonsari, J. Borra
Plasma Processes And Polymers, Vol:4, pp:360-369 (2007)
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Deposition of ultrafine aerosol particles on wire screens by simultaneous diffusion and image force
M. Alonsoa, F. Alguacila, J. Santosb, N. Jidenkoc, J. Borrac
Journal Of Aerosol Science, Vol:38, pp:1230-1239 (2007)
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Efficient models for photoionization produced by non-thermal gas discharges in air based on radiative transfer and the Helmholtz equations
A. Bourdon, V. Pasko, N. Liu, S. Celestin, P. Segur, E. Marode
Plasma Sources Science & Technology, Vol:16, pp:656-678 (2007)
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Nano-particle size-dependent charging and electro-deposition in dielectric barrier discharges at atmospheric pressure for thin SiOx film deposition
N. Jidenko, C. Jimenez, F. Massines, J. Borra
Journal Of Physics D-applied Physics, Vol:40, pp:4155-4163 (2007)
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Plasma and Electrospray deposition to improve the biocompatibility of stents
M. Tatoulian, E. Gallino, R. Jafari, F. Arefi-Khonsari, L. Tatoulian, J. Borra, F. Lewis, D. Mantovani
Vol:539-543, pp:529-534 (2007)


Deposition of poly(acrylic acid) films by electrohydrodynamic atomization in postdischarge at atmospheric pressure in air
F. Arefi-Khonsari, M. Tatoulian, L. Tatoulian, J. Amouroux, J. Borra
Chemistry Of Materials, Vol:18, pp:5860-5863 (2006)
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Electrical characterization of microdischarges produced by dielectric barrier discharge in dry air at atmospheric pressure
N. Jidenko, M. Petit, J. Borra
Journal Of Physics D: Applied Physics, Vol:39, pp:281–293 (2006)
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Nucleation and aerosol processing in atmospheric pressure electrical discharges: powders production, coatings and filtration
J. Borra
Journal Of Physics D-applied Physics, Vol:39, pp:R19-R54 (2006)
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The use of an improved Eddington approximation to facilitate the calculation of photoionization in streamer discharges
P. Segur, A. Bourdon, E. Marode, D. Bessieres, J. Paillol
Plasma Sources Science & Technology, Vol:15, pp:648-660 (2006)
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WS2 closed nanoboxes synthesized by spray pyrolysis
S. Bastide, D. Duphil, J. Borra, C. Levy-Clement
Advanced Materials, Vol:18, pp:106-109 (2006)
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DC glow discharge in atmospheric air as a source for volatile organic compounds abatement
Z. Machala, E. Marode, M. Morvova, P. Lukac
Plasma Processes And Polymers, Vol:2, pp:152-161 (2005)
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Kinematics of charged nanometric particles in silent discharges
N. Jidenko, J. Borra
Journal Of Physics D-applied Physics, Vol:38, pp:617-620 (2005)
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DC glow discharges in atmospheric pressure air
Z. Machala, E. Marode, C. Laux, C. Kruger
Vol:7, pp:133-137 (2004)
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Electrohydrodynamic atomisation of water stabilised by glow discharge - operating range and droplet properties
J. Borra, P. Ehouarn, D. Boulaud
Journal Of Aerosol Science, Vol:35, pp:1313-1332 (2004)
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Synthesis of inorganic fullerenes and nanoboxes of MOS2 and WS2 by spray pyrolysis
S. Bastide, J. Borra, D. Duphil, C. Levy-Clement
Vol:228, pp:U482-U482 (2004)
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Unipolar field charging of particles by electrical discharge: effect of particle shape
L. Unger, D. Boulaud, J. Borra
Journal Of Aerosol Science, Vol:35, pp:965-979 (2004)
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