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Study of an atmospheric pressure flowing afterglow in N2/NO mixture and its application to the measurement of N2(A) concentration
A. Pointu, E. Mintusov, P. Fromy
Plasma Sources Science And Technology, AN:015018 (2010)
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Diffuse mode and diffuse-to-filamentary transition in a high pressure nanosecond scale corona discharge under high voltage
P. Tardiveau, N. Moreau, S. Bentaleb, C. Postel, S. Pasquiers
Journal Of Physics D-applied Physics, Vol:42, AN:175202 (2009)
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Optical and electrical characterization of pulsed dielectric barrier discharges in heterogeneous structures
P. Tardiveau, C. Boyer, F. Jorand, C. Postel, S. Pasquiers
Ieee Transactions On Plasma Science, Vol:33, pp:314-315 (2005)
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Effect of propene, n-Decane, and toluene plasma kinetics on NO conversion in homogeneous oxygen-rich dry mixtures at ambient temperature
G. Lombardi, N. Blin-Simiand, F. Jorand, L. Magne, S. Pasquiers, C. Postel, J. Vacher
Plasma Chemistry And Plasma Processing, Vol:27, pp:414-445 (2007)
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Plasma reactivity and plasma-surface interactions during treatment of toluene by a dielectric barrier discharge
N. Blin-Simiand, F. Jorand, L. Magne, S. Pasquiers, C. Postel, J. Vacher
Plasma Chemistry And Plasma Processing, Vol:28, pp:429-466 (2008)
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O2(aΔ1g) production at atmospheric pressure by microdischarge
J.. Santos Sousa, G.. Bauville, B.. Lacour, V.. Puech, M.. Touzeau, L. Pitchford
Appl. Phys. Lett., Vol:93, pp:011502 (2008)
OH kinetic in high-pressure plasmas of atmospheric gases containing C 2 H 6 studied by absolute measurement of the radical density in a pulsed homogeneous discharge
L. Magne, S. Pasquiers, K. Gadonna, P. Jeanney, N. Blin-Simiand, F. Jorand, C. Postel
Journal Of Physics D: Applied Physics, Vol:42, AN:165203 (2009)
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Singlet oxygen production in a microcathode sustained discharge
G. Bauville, B. Lacour, L. Magne, V. Puech, J. Boeuf, E. Munoz-Serrano, L. Pitchford
Applied Physics Letters, Vol:90, AN:31501 (2007)
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Electrical and Optical Properties of AC Microdischarges in Porous Ceramics
K. Hensel, V. Martiovit, Z. Machala, M. Janda, M. Letinský, P. Tardiveau, A. Mizuno
Plasma Processes And Polymers, Vol:4, pp:682-693 (2007)
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On atmospheric-pressure non-equilibrium plasma jets and plasma bullets
. Lu1 X, M. Laroussi, V. Puech
Plasma Sources Sci. Technol., Vol:21, AN:034005 (2012)
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Ethanol/Acetone Mixtures Conversion in Air Dielectric Barrier Discharges
S. Lovascio, N. Blin-Simiand, F. Jorand, P. Jeanney, S. Pasquiers
International Journal Of Plasma Environmental Science & Technology, Vol:6, pp:111-118 (2012)
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Exciplex emission induced by nanosecond-pulsed microdischarge arrays operating at high repetition rate frequency
V. Martin, G. Bauville, M. Fleury, V. Puech
Plasma Sources Science And Technology, Vol:21, AN:065001 (2012)
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Effect of oxygen percentage on the removal of acetaldehyde by dielectric barrier discharge
O. Koeta, N. Blin-Simiand, S. Pasquiers, F. Jorand, A. Bary
International Journal Of Plasma Environmental Science & Technology, Vol:6, pp:227-232 (2012)
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Towards a kinetic understanding of the ignition of air-propane mixture by a non-equilibrium discharge: the decomposition mechanisms of propane
S. Pasquiers, S. benteb, P. Jeanney, N. Blin-Simiand, P. Tardiveau, L. Magne, K. Gadonna, N. Moreau, F. Jorand
International Journal Of Aerodynamics, Vol:3, pp:135 (2013)
DOI: 10.1504/IJAD.2013.050917
Role of quenching of metastable states in acetaldehyde decomposition by a non-equilibrium nitrogen plasma at sub-atmospheric pressure
W. Faider, S. Pasquiers, N. Blin-Simiand, L. Magne
Journal Of Physics D : Applied Physics, Vol:46, pp:105202 (2013)
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Arrays of microplasmas for the controlled production of tunable high fluxes of reactive oxygen species at atmospheric pressure
J. Santos Sousa, G. Bauville, V. Puech
Plasma Sources Sci. Technol., Vol:22, pp:035012 (2013)
Bacterial Decontamination of the Inner Wall of Narrow Tubes by a Nitrogen Afterglow at Atmospheric Pressure and its Relation to Local Atomic Nitrogen Concentration
S. Limam, E. Odic, M. Kirkpatrick, A. Pointu
Plasma Process. Polym., Vol:10, pp:679 (2013)
DOI: 10.1002/ppap.201200170
Effect of oxygen on the conversion of acetaldehyde in homogeneous plasmas of N2/O2/CH3CHO mixtures
W. Faider, S. Pasquiers, N. Blin-Simiand, L. Magne
Plasma Sources Science And Technology, Vol:22, pp:065010 (2013)
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Kinetics of organic molecules in pulsed plasmas of nitrogen or N2/O2 mixtures at near atmospheric pressure
S. Pasquiers, N. Blin-Simiand, L. Magne
Plasma Physics And Controlled Fusion, Vol:55, pp:124023 (2013)
Nanosecond-pulsed dielectric barrier discharges in Kr/Cl2 for production of ultraviolet radiation
J. Gregorio, X. Aubert, G. Hagelaar, V. Puech, L. Pitchford
Plasma Sources Science And Technology, Vol:23, pp:015005 (2014)
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Electron properties in an atmospheric helium plasma jet determined by Thomson scattering
S. Hübner, J. Santos Sousa, V. Puech, G. Kroesen, N. Sadeghi
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., Vol:47, pp:432001 (2014)
Experimental study and kinetic modeling for ethanol treatment by air dielectric barrier discharges
S. Lovascio, N. Blin-Simiand, L. Magne, F. Jorand, S. Pasquiers
Plasma Chemistry And Plasma Processing, Vol:35, pp:279 (2014)
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The spatio-temporal distribution of He (23S1) metastable atoms in a MHz-driven helium plasma jet is influenced by the oxygen/nitrogen ratio of the surrounding atmosphere
J. Winter, J. Santos Sousa, N. Sadeghi, A. Schmidt-Bleker, S. Reuter, V. Puech
Plasma Sources Sci. Technol., Vol:24, pp:025015 (2015)
Thomson scattering on non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma jets
S. Hübner, J. Santos Sousa, J. van der Mullen, W. Graham
Plasma Sources Sci. Technol., Vol:24, pp:054005 (2017)
Review on VUV to MIR absorption spectroscopy of atmospheric pressure plasma jets
S. Reuter, J. Santos Sousa, G. Stancu, J. Hubertus van Helden
Plasma Sources Sci. Technol., Vol:24, pp:054001 (2015)

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Temperature profiles in filamentary dielectric barrier discharges at atmospheric pressure
. Jidenko N, . Bourgeois E, . Borra J-P
Http://, Vol:43, pp:/ (2010)
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Nucleation and aerosol processing in atmospheric pressure electrical discharges: powders production, coatings and filtration
J. Borra
Journal Of Physics D-applied Physics, Vol:39, pp:R19-R54 (2006)
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Charging of aerosol and nucleation in atmospheric pressure electrical discharges
J. Borra
Plasma Physics And Controlled Fusion, Vol:50, AN:124036 (2008)
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Deposition of organic coatings at atmospheric pressure from liquid precursors
M. Tatoulian, F. Arefi-Khonsari, J. Borra
Plasma Processes And Polymers, Vol:4, pp:360-369 (2007)
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Atmospheric Pressure Deposition of Thin Functional Coatings: Polymer Surface Patterning by DBD and Post-Discharge Polymerization of Liquid Vinyl Monomer from Surface Radicals
J. Borra, A. Valt, F. Arefi-Khonsari, M. Tatoulian
Plasma Process. Polym, pp:1-12 (2012)
DOI: 10.1002/ppap.201100210

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Introduction of Primary Amino Groups on Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Surfaces by Ammonia and a Mix of Nitrogen and Hydrogen Plasma
J. Casimiro, B. Lepoittevin, C. Boisse-Laporte, M. Barthés-Labrousse, P. Jegou, F. Brisset, P. Roger
Plasma Chemistry And Plasma Processing, Vol:32, pp:305-323 (2012)
DOI: 10.1007/s11090-011-9345-9
Study of Gas Heating by a Microwave Plasma Torch
K. Gadonna, O. Leroy, P. Leprince, L. Lemos Alves, C. Boisse-Laporte
Journal Of Modern Physics, Vol:3, pp:1603-1615 (2012)

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Characterization of temporal and spatial distribution of hydrogen gas density in capillary tubes for laser-plasma experiments
J. Ju, B. Cros
Journal Of Applied Physics, Vol:112, pp:113102-1,113102-6 (2012)
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Nonsymmetric laser-pulse propagation in capillary tubes with variable radius
M. Veysman, N. Andreev, G. Maynard, B. Cros
Physical Review E, Vol:86, pp:066411-1-066411-9 (2012)
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Electron beams and X ray radiation generated by laser wakefield in capillary tubes
B. Cros, J. Ju, A. Döpp, K. Cassou, H. Ferrari, G. Maynard, G. Genoud, F. Wojda, K. Svensson, M. Burza, O. Lundh, A. Persson, C. Wahlström
Aip Conf. Proc, Vol:1507, pp:267-272 (2012)
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Analysis of laser wakefield dynamics in capillary tubes
N. Andreev, K. Cassou, F. Wojda, G. Genoud, M. Burza, O. Lundh, A. Persson, B. Cros, V. Fortov, C. Wahlstrom
New J Phys, Vol:12, pp:/ (2010)
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Double pulse quasi-collinear high harmonic generation scheme as a tool for X-ray laser plasma gain probing
S. Daboussi, S. Kazamias, K. Cassou, O. Guilbaud, M. Pittman, O. Delmas, O. Neveu, B. Cros, G. Maynard, D. Ros
Applied Physics B-lasers And Optics , Vol:111, pp:111:7–14 (2013)
DOI 10.1007/s00340-012-5298-9
High energy density physics studies using intense particle beams at the FAIR facility at Darmstadt
N. Tahir, A.. Shutov, A. Piriz, C.. Deutsch, T. Stöhlker
Epj Web Of Conferences, Vol:59, pp:16001 (2013)
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Polarization: A must for fusion
J. Didelez, C. Deutsch
Epj Web Of Conferences , Vol:59, pp:03016  (2013)
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Multiple scattering of slow ions ion a partially degenerate electron fluid
G. Maynard, C. Deutsch
Epj Web Of Conferences, Vol:59, pp:05020 (2013)
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Enhanced stability of laserwakefield acceleration using dielectric capillary tubes
M. Hansson, L. Senje, A. Persson, O. Lundh, C. Wahlström, F. Desforges, J. Ju, T. Audet, B. Cros, S. Dobosz Dufrénoy, P. Monot
Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators And Beams, Vol:17, pp:031303 (2014)
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Transport line for a multi-staged laser-plasma acceleration: DACTOMUS
A. Chancé, O. Delferrière, J. Schwindling, C. Bruni, N. Delerue, A. Specka, B. Cros, G. Maynard, S. Paradkar, P. Mora
Sciencedirect, Vol:740, pp: 158 (2014)
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Reproducibility of electron beams from laser wakefield acceleration in capillary tubes
F. Desforges, M. Hansson, J. Ju, L. Senje, T. Audet, S. Dobosz-Dufrénoy, A. Personn, O. Lund, B. Cros, C. Wahlström
Nuclear Instruments And Methods In Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors And Associated Equipment, Vol:740, pp:54 (2014)
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Dynamics of ionization-induced electron injection in the high density regime of laser wakefield acceleration
F. Desforges, B. Paradkar, M. Hansson, J. Ju, L. Senje, T. Audet, A. Persson, S. Dobosz-Dufenoy, O. Lundh, G. Maynard, P. Monot, J. Vay, C. Wahlstrom, B. Cros
Phys. Plasmas, Vol:21, pp:120703 (2014)
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DD fusion from a polarized HD target
Laser And Particle Beams, pp:1-4 (2015)
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Spokes and charged particle transport in HiPIMS magnetrons
N. Brenning, D. Lundin, T. Minea, C. Costin, C. Vitelaru
J. Phys. D, Vol:46, pp:084005 (2013)
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Influence of the structure and composition of titanium nitride substrate on the carbon nanotubes grown by chemical vapor deposition
M. Morales, S. Cucatti, J. Acuña, L. Zagonel, O. Antonin, M. Hugon, N. Marsot, B. Bouchet-Fabre, T. Minea, F. Alvarez
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys, Vol:46, pp:155308  (2013)
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Ti-Ar scattering cross sections by direct comparison of Monte Carlo simulations and laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy in magnetron discharges
D. Lundin, C. Vitelaru, L. de Poucques, N. Brenning, T. Minea
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys, Vol:46, pp:175201 (2013)
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Improving HiPIMS deposition rates by hybrid RF/HiPIMS co-sputtering, and its relevance for NbSi films lms
N. Holtzer, 0. Antonin, T. Minea, S. Marnieros, D. Bouchier
Surface & Coatings Technology, pp:1 (2014)
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Ionization of sputtered Ti, Al, and C coupled with plasma characterization in HiPIMS
D. Lundin, M. Čada, Z. Hubička
Plasma Sources Science And Technology, Vol:24, pp:11 (2015)
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Modulated Electron Cyclotron Drift Instability in a High-Power Pulsed Magnetron Discharge
S. Tsikata, T. Minea
Physical Review Letters, Vol:114, pp:185001-1,185001-5 (2015)
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