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ANAR2017workshop report

This report is the outcome of the ANAR 2017 workshop held in April 2017 at CERN and supported by CERN and EUCARD-2 (co-funded by the partners and the European Commission under Capacities 7th Framework Programme, Grant Agreement 312453). First release, September 2017

Towards a Proposal for an Advanced Linear Collider,

B. Cros and P. Muggli, Towards a Proposal for an Advanced Linear Collider, Report on the
Advanced and Novel Accelerators for High Energy Physics Roadmap Workshop (CERN,
Geneva, 2017), ISBN 978-92-9083-468-7 (paperback), ISBN 978-92-9083-469-4 (PDF)


The workshop focused on the application of ANAs to high energy physics (HEP), keeping
in mind the ultimate goal of an electron/positron (e-/e+) collider or an electron/proton
(e-/p+) collider, both at the energy frontier.
The development of ANAs is conducted at universities and national laboratories worldwide.
The community is thematically broad and diverse, in particular since lasers suitable
for ANA research (multi-terawatt peak power, a few tens of femtosecond-long pulses) and
acceleration of electrons to tens to hundreds of mega electron volts became commercially
available. The community spans over several continents (Europe, America, Asia), including
more than 62 laboratories in more than 20 countries.
It is among the missions of the ICFA-ANA panel to feature the amazing progress made
with ANAs, to provide international coordination and to foster international collaborations
towards a future HEP collider.
The ANAR workshop was organized as a first step towards the development of an
international ANA scientific roadmap for such an advanced linear collider, with the delivery
of a technical design report by 2035. The first step towards this goal includes taking stock
of the scientific landscape, outlining global priorities for scientific progress, identifying
facilities necessary for this progress, identifying existing and local roadmaps, and imagining
strategies to encourage the development of a genuinely international roadmap.

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